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Myth vs. Fact

As most of you who already own Fixed Indexed Annuities know, there are widely held misconceptions about this wonderful stock market and bank alternative. So, we thought we would address some of them.

MYTH: ANY RETIREMENT ACCOUNT CAN GENERATE GUARANTEED LIFETIME INCOME FACT: Only annuities can guarantee a steady income stream for your whole retirement. 1 in 5 Americans incorrectly believes a 401k allows you to receive guaranteed payments throughout your retirement, regardless of how the stock market performs.

MYTH: FIA’S ARE AN INVESTMENT PRODUCT FACT: No, FIA’s are NOT an investment product and do not participate directly in the stock market. 85% of Americans don’t know that FIA’s are linked to a stock, bond or commodity index. This relationship means your principal is protected even if the market fluctuates. Adding this safety measure diversifies your portfolio by balancing risk and growth.

MYTH: FIA’S ARE ONLY FOR RISK-AVERSE OR CONSERVATIVE SAVERS. FACT: FIA’s are for anyone looking to add balance to their portfolio. Only 1 in 4 Americans understands FIA’s provide balance and can moderate risk and reward in their financial plan. In addition to offering balance, you can’t lose your premium or interest credited due to a market downturn.

MYTH: FIA’S ARE COMPLICATED AND COMPLEX. FACT: In contrast, almost 50% of Americans clearly understand one of FIA’s main benefits of providing income for the rest of their lives. FIA’s offer a simple story – growth potential without risk of loss due to market downturns and a steady income stream in retirement.

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