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At Parker Financial Group, we are family-owned and family-operated. Which is why, to us, you’re not just a number or portfolio. You are our priority and we care about the things you care about. We know life is full of milestones. Launching your career, getting married, growing your family, starting a business, and retiring are just some of the amazing things we go through in life. As you experience each of these milestones, your financial picture is continuously being shaped and transformed.


We approach your unique picture from a wide-angle lens, and build long-term, trusted relationships while working to pursue your goals. Because education has always been a core value at our firm, we seek to simplify complex financial terms and investment options, offer honest advice, and help you navigate your ever-changing financial journey.

We are proud A+ members of the Better Business Bureau and the National Ethics Association. We have also been ranked among the best financial advisors by the Kansas City Business Journal.

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