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  • You could take money out of your “bank” whenever you needed it for whatever purposes you desired. No penalties, no waiting, no taxes and no applications

  • The government had no control over how you operated your “bank”

  • Your “bank” could not be sued by creditors• You could borrow from your bank at any time and for any reason – no questions asked

  • After borrowing from your “bank”, the money there kept growing as if you had not borrowed a cent

  • You could use your “bank” for vacations, cruises, big ticket purchases, education expenses for your kids or grandkids and other costly expenses and your “bank” allowed you to recover these expenses, plus interest, tax-free

  • Your “bank” allowed you to use it like a credit card that paid all interest on any balances back to you where it compounded to your benefit

  • Your “bank” allowed you to prepay for any future long-term care, or other health problems, thus freeing up your other assets to be used as you see fit

  • Your “bank” provided an inflation-protected income that you did not have to work for and you could not outlive

  • Your “bank” allowed all of the above benefits while providing tax-free growth and tax-free income without market risk, and tax-free wealth transference to loved ones when you are gone

This “Personal Bank” is not a figment of someone’s imagination. It exists in the form of a tax-free wealth transference strategy that has been utilized for decades by smart investors. And, this powerful strategy has only gotten better in recent years. It is not, however, a “get rich quick scheme” with lots of pizzaz and false promises.

This strategy works for everyone, but it works especially well for younger people. Those who have limited resources but lots of time for their money to grow. Older investors can also take advantage of this plan, especially if they are sitting on cash or other investments that are earning nothing and can be easily transferred into your personal “bank”.

So, please call us and let us help you open your own personal “bank”. Even if you are unable to set one up for yourself, you could easily create one for your heirs. Let us show you how.

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