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Comprehensive Life Planning

Your financial plan is the centerpiece of our relationship. It’s comprehensive and dynamic, and built for your unique goals and circumstances. It’s our blueprint for priorities, advice and decisions.


We empower you at every step of our process with education and tools to simplify concepts and help you make confident decisions. Plus, we care about educating your children. Our “Financial Foundations” workshops starts them on the right foot for making sound financial decisions.


Big financial institutions can be so impersonal. PFG is anything but that! We will get to know your family’s needs, concerns and dreams. You will appreciate the value of meaningful, tailored advice over a bunch of numbers given by generic rules.


The aspects of your financial life are never isolated. Instead, they are interrelated, which is why we will always coordinate each aspect of your plan with the others. Your financial plan will address all the areas where your life and money intersect in such a way that all moving pieces work together.


Comprehensive life planning gives you a clear picture of where you stand financially and provides you with direction and discipline to help you pursue your financial and non-financial goals. The approach is independent, holistic, and goes far beyond investment planning. Comprehensive life planning focuses on the human side of financial planning.

Comprehensive life planning respects how you see your money, what you want your money to accomplish and what role it should play in your life. Emotional investment in your planning translates to motivation to see it through and make it succeed.

All aspects of your financial life are interwoven to some degree. Effective financial planning should not be done without taking a comprehensive approach that takes into account one’s entire financial picture. Comprehensive life planning puts you at the center to find ways to make the numbers work. Often, it’s not until you look at the “big picture” that your financial goals and strategies come into focus. We believe that a life filled with confidence and certainty is only accomplished when your personal, professional and financial life is fully balanced and integrated. It’s not just about the income you earn in your professional life or the 401(k) to which you regularly contribute. It’s not about the stock you bought, the insurance policy you own or the mortgage you’re paying off. It’s all of it together that needs to work in sync to create the most optimal solution. Comprehensive life planning is more than investing, and it’s also more than asset preservation. The “big picture” isn’t just important – it’s the foundation for every financial decision you make.


Take in to account where you want life to take you? Next, how do you want to live now while getting there? We take into account your present lifestyle and resources, then work with you to develop a plan and revise it as needed.


Planning is the path to realizing your dreams and goals. Your dreams may change, so will the plan, adjusting and revising accordingly. Remember, a financial plan covers one point in time. The planning process addresses life’s changes.


We inspire you to pursue your aspirations, discuss and resolve obstacles, and provide ongoing guidance as you accomplish your objectives. Control your financial future. Contact us to schedule the most important conversation you’ve never had and take the first steps to empower your financial independence today.

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